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Check out the beautiful environment in and near Marraycourt. Experience the local art, hiking trails and not to forget… the beautiful countryside.

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A rolling landscape

Driving into the Brionnais region, you will experience the abundant land in multiple facets. An area of cattle, green landscapes with rolling hills, forests, small lakes, streams and wide meadows that lead to fortified towns, farms and vineyards. But also of ancient history that can be traced back to the arrival of the Romans.

The gently rolling landscape of the Brionnais offers many cycling and walking routes. There are over 500 km of marked footpaths ranging from 2 to 30 km, adapted to the level and wishes of each individual. Behind our estate runs a former railway track; the now paved path is nowadays used as a walking/cycling/skating route.

Infinite possibilities

Along the water, over the hills or through ancient towers: the forest paths and small country roads offer you endless possibilities! The different routes will lead you along various secrets and assets of this region: untouched nature, vast landscapes, historical and architectural curiosities, old crafts and, of course, gastronomy! 

Not far from us you will find the vast vineyards of Burgundy, on the hills of Mailly and Fleury; they produce an organic wine called “Vin des Fossiles”: Pinot Noir, Gamay, Pinot Gris, Auxerrois. But of course you can also enjoy delicious wines on the various terraces in our village (within walking distance!).

Discover the Brionnais

We are happy to contribute to a beautiful memory during your stay. Thus, from our location you can enjoy exploring the Charolais and Brionnais area:

  • walking (possibly with donkey or pony).
  • cycling (cycling holiday).
  • on horseback.
  • by car (car holiday), by classic car.
  • by water (canoe/kayak).
  • and even by air (hang-gliding, parachuting, paragliding).

(Electric) cycling

The castle stands next to the “Voie verte” (the green route). An asphalt path ideal for walking, rollerblading, scootering, but especially for (electric) bikes! You cycle out of our avenue and can start right away. The route has 12 stage points and runs from Roanne to Bourbon-Lancy. There are 26 different guided routes available online (free app, also works offline) and along the way there are marked sights (viewpoints, churches, nature, photo spots) and also lots of practical information, such as parking along the route, bike rental, restaurants, picnic spots, etc. There is also plenty of choice in distances, you choose what suits you best. A total of 68 kilometres are waiting for you… So don’t forget to bring your bike (-clothes)!

Art in the region

Marcigny also offers a setting for art lovers to indulge their hearts. Discover the region through the art and culture typical for the Brionnais region. There are regular art exhibitions in the area and in our village there is an art house with various art on canvas, drawing, engraving as well as (modern) sculptures and sculptures, for inspiration. 

Do you already see yourself sitting with an painterseasel on a country lane along the edge of the forest to capture the landscape, cows or a picturesque village on canvas?

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