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Aire de Camping-cars, Camping, Motorhome sites


Origin of the campsite (Camperplaats, Camperplek, Accueil de Camping-cars, Moterhome piches)


What can we tell you about the origins and set-up of our motorhome site? Well, then we have to start at the beginning!

Our farm campsite kind of ‘happened to us’. Shortly after buying our chateau, Both parents came to help us rebuild and renovate. Ray’s parents had been camping, which apparently like ‘googling’ is a verb, for years. And since our guest rooms then only existed in our dreams, they came with and stayed in their motorhome. We found that a bit lonely, but they loved camping in our castle garden and their advice was: make it a camper place!

Creating a camper place……. That was not yet on our ‘to-do list’, which was already overflowing with all the chateau work. So we asked somewhat suspiciously: what would it actually take to do that? Well, Ray’s parents said, basically nothing. If you limit yourself to self-sufficient campers. As long as you have somewhere to empty the toilet, tap water and get electricity. Okay! That sounds simple ? and doing something that was easily manageable for once certainly appealed to us. So we set to work!

And no, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to self-catering campers. Hospitality is our top priority, so we also built sanitary facilities consisting of a shower, toilet and a dishwashing area. And of course we also have the basic amenities like a place to empty the toilet, clean water to tap and an electricity point on every pitch. While last year everything was still somewhat provisionally arranged, recently the electricity has actually been dug in and our camper site is complete and we call it a ‘farm campsite’.

The pitches are large and sheltered within the castle walls. There are sun and shade spots. The pitches are fairly flat. The sanitary facilities are centrally located on the campsite. There is an 8 amp connection on every pitch.

And this is not all, as we secretly dream of creating paved pitches so that our campsite, which lends itself perfectly to this with all the shops and cycle paths in the immediate vicinity, can remain open all year round. How cool is that!

The reviews we get are positive and we are very happy to welcome you here in our castle garden.

At the end of our driveway, you will find yourself in another world; away from the city and traffic and in the middle of our 4 chickens and the squirrels in our park. And if you prick up your ears, you can still hear in imagination the rustling of ladies’ skirts and the rattling of carts along the path to the château from 2 centuries ago…


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