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Sometimes it is as if life here in Marcigny has paused for a while. Things we were no longer used to are still very common here; the quiet pace of life, the romantic streets, getting a drawing for your birthday, the attention to each other…. Home-made winter decorations in the flower boxes beside the road, Christmas markets organised by villagers, decorated Christmas trees in the square. It all doesn’t have to be extreme and over the top.

Around the weekend of the 10 December there is the annual ‘Foire aux Dindes’ (turkey market) a market known for its fresh regional products; not only turkeys, but tapas in enchanting colours, wine tastings and French cordiality will not escape you here. If you take a stroll through the village to take a closer look at what it has to offer, you will undoubtedly also pass by the newly restored St Nicholas Church. On the first weekend of December, the new ‘St Nicholas’ statue was consecrated. Ray still sang with the Marcigny choir, Chorale Choeur de la Tour, in which he sings, for the musical support of this special celebration. 

Last month, at the end of November was National Tree Planting Day, and we also plant a new tree every year. For preserving the greenery in our park. And it goes along nicely with every year we live here, a tree added. 

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