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TV program “Ik vertrek”

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"Ik Vertrek", Marraycourt, TV Program

TV program “Ik vertrek”


How our adventure with the Dutch TV programme “Ik Vertrek” began. As a visitor at the emigration fair in Houten (NL: 2019), to find out what’s involved when you start living and working abroad. All preparations that can help tackle it. It was a pleasant and surprising day! “I Leave” was also at the fair with a stand and spoke to us in the corridors. They asked why we had been coming to the fair and how definite our plans were. At that time, not very specific, we were still looking for the right place for us, but we agreed that when the plans become more real we would get in touch. We thought it would be interesting to have “Ik Vertrek” capture the whole adventure, as we ourselves are not very good at capturing it through photos or videos. There will be a lot to deal with, we thought, so how nice to have this programme record it. 

By working together, we have a wonderful reference for the future. Now, after two years of the move, renovation (phase 1) and having welcomed our first guests, we can say that it has been a very nice collaboration; heartfelt, open and casual. It’s always exciting to be filmed and put your private in public. It is our story and we like to share it in the hope that it will be well received. You don’t know that in advance either, it’s part of the adventure; taking the jump into the deep end and trusting in a good outcome.

The clichés prove to be true: at the beginning ‘this won’t happen to us, we are going to do it differently’. But in practice, the bottom line is that nobody knows beforehand how it will all turn out. And no one can take away all uncertainties. This is part of the adventure and entrepreneurship, being open to what comes your way, sticking to your goals but not being obstinate in implementation. Sometimes things go differently and that’s all right. What is important is being flexible and believing in what you have chosen to do. 

Not a moment of regret and convinced that this is our place to be. Life at a castle is not always as romantic as it seems, it’s hard work, high maintenance, sometimes suffering and in the service of our property. But how worth is it, many little moments of happiness and lovely people around us, near and far. 

Adjusting to the language, the land, the inhabitants, the house and nature. Blending in with the seasons, now it is winter and we put on an extra pullover or coat and sit in the room by the fireplace. Soon, in spring, everything will come alive again and we will move outside, a wonderful prospect!

Seeing opportunities and, above all, being patient, because nothing goes ‘just as fast‘, but with one another and the support of our family, it is a beautiful adventure with endless possibilities. It involves making choices; what to do first and what can wait, sometimes putting the tasks second. This is the only way to keep yourself in balance. 

There is still so much to tell and to experience! We will keep you updated via this blog and our FB page. Would you like to experience it all up close? Then book your stay and experience life at our castle!

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