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Our life in France

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Our life in France


We have now found our place. The first contact was with our neighbours, positive and cordial. The first week we moved in and trees had fallen down due to a storm, they immediately came to our rescue. Talking to the friendly neighbours opposite put us at ease. You start with a house in another country, from there your world expands. The children go to school and make friends, you get to know the parents and so you find out that the you soon have things in common. 

We do as much as possible ourselves, but you can’t avoid outsourcing things. Contractors on the floor for electricity, water supply, sewage and plastering. Sometimes you feel like a guest in your own house with everything and everyone at work, but you definitely need these professionals when none of it is there. Now the work is finished for the time being. We have heard the French words ‘petit à petit‘, ‘boulot, boulot‘ et ‘bon courage‘ a lot over the past year, and they hit the nail on the head.

Since six months we both have a job, colleagues and speaking French as a daily routine. It requires a different commitment. Altogether, an intensive and eventful year. Not everything goes smoothly and it demands a lot from everyone. It is almost impossible to describe everything that has happened, which is why we are glad the television programme “I leave” joined us on our adventure. The December month is for dotting the ‘i‘s’ and retreating inside for warmth by the fireplace and the Christmas tree. In the new year, the shutters and doors will open again and we look forward to welcoming you with open arms!

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